BVB can supply the Titanium and its alloy materials and products in forms of the wire, rod, bar, foil, strip, sheet, plate, tube, pipe, Disc, Ring, Expanded sheet, Clad Material, Titanium anode, Golf head & Pole, fitting parts, Screws, Nuts & bolts, and target as per ASTM, ASME, AMS, DMS, JIS or others according to client's requirements.
The BVB's Dimension of the typical titanium products:


C.P Ti Ti-0.2Pd Ti-5Al-2.5Sn Ti-0.3Mo-0.7Ni Ti-3Al-2.5V Ti-6Al-4V
Grade Gr.1~4 Gr.7, Gr.11 Gr.6 Gr.12 Gr.9 Gr.5
Wire Ø0.10 ~ 6.0mm x Coil Ø0.3 ~6.0mm x coil
Rod/bar Ø1.5~70mm x Length


0.03 ~ 0.10mm x 300mm(max.) x Length per ASTM B265

Strip 0.03 ~ 2.0mm x 3.0 ~ 300mm x Coil 0.6~1.0 x 3.0~50 X Coil
Sheet 0.1~ 4.7mm X 100 ~ 800mm X 100 ~ 1500mm 0.6~4.7 x 100~600 x 100-1000mm
Plate 4.7 ~ 40mm X 200 ~ 1000mm X 200 ~ 2000mm


O.D.1.0mm~120mmX W.T.0.08~12.0mm x L per ASTM B337, B338

Disc O.D.100~1300mm x 1.0~250mm per ASTM B348, B381
Ring O.D.50~1300mm/I.D.30~900mm x H.10~250mm per ASTM B348, B381
Target According to client's requirements
Fastenter M1.0 ~M36 x 2.0~1000mm per ANSI, DIN, and ISO Standard
Fitting Parts Elbow, Tee, Lateral, Wyes, Reducer, Stub, Cap, Flange, Etc. X
Clad Materials Clad Materials X
* X---can't supply, now.
** Welded and seamless